SETS of 6-12 badges with locking clasp

ALL METAL and MULTICOLORED ENAMEL Multilayered Lapel Badges/Pins
Kremlin Towers(#2), Moscow Museums(#1), Gates+Churches(#7), Kremlin Bldgs(#3), Spacecraft(#8), Planes(#5), Ships(#4), Tanks(#10), Matrooshkas(#9),    Olympics(#6), Antique Planes(#11)
Original documentation, holder, and English description
Best 10 of hundreds of sets in '91-92; Now unavailable
Up to 7 layers of engraved relief
With singles, any 8 pieces constitutes a set- mixed or all the same
Hand carried out of Russia by journalist
Moscow Metro Map 6x8" folds to shirt-pocket size equals 3 pins or 3 maps= set

        Multicolored paper+cardboard Map w Photo of largest fastest Metro system in world ~180 stations

$6.95 a set w. free shipping
$.50 off per set above 2 sets.   $1 off per set above 6 sets;     Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery

SINGLES- Moscow teardrop(21), Lenin ribbon(22), Aerolflot-gold(23), Moscow hero city(24), Moscow Kremlin(25), Ordinka45 (26),
Roosiya flag(27), Tsar's bell-15 ft high(28), Aeroflot CCCP(29), Hockey medalion=3 pins [1 only](30), Aeroflot welcome (31)

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TANKS (#10)

                                               KREMLIN BLDGS (3)



SPACECRAFT (#8)                                                                                                                               MATROOSHKAS (#9)

     MOSCOW MUSEUMS w Kremlin Gate (#1)

     SHIPS (#4)