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(view from inside)
- 25 min
  - Feb 18, 2014 (close to last person out at 11pm)
Tour of still burning TRADE CENTER 8am Feb 19

Michael Hammerschlag doing TV commentary
May 1:  LEGACY OF GUILT VIETNAM + WW2 ANNIVERSARIES COMMENTARY - by Michael Hammerschlag     YOUTUBE VIDEO (3:00m May '85) -  Minneapolis Veterans Cemetery
Probably Best Vid Commentary I Ever Did (written, video is lousy)

A Searing Commentary on Memorial Day 1985, comparing and contrasting virtually simul­taneous 10 year anniversary of Vietnam War’s tragic end and 40 year anniversary of end of World War II ; Now 40th anniv of Vietnam's fall

GETTING GOOD NEWS: The Government vs. the Press in Times of War (realaudio)  (WindowsMedia)  ALTwma     Mike's BROWN U. LECTURE (listing)- History of Press restrictions in Wars since WW2; How Vietnam changed everything and made the media the enemy- 27 min., Salomon Hall, Brown Univ., Dec 13, 04  Poster     Post Movie Lecture (realaudio)- 52min  MP3
                            Violent protester hurling paving stone at police behind torched police bus barricade 11:46pm Jan 19, Hrushevskogo St., Kiev Michael Hammerschlag©2014
SPECTACULAR VIOLENT KIEV PROTESTS VIDEO- Hrushevskogo St., Jan 19, 2014 11:30pm-12:30am  YOUTUBE Video 10:24m- by Michael Hammerschlag with STANDUP NEWS REPORT@ 5:00 min in front of burning Dynamo ticket office --- 6 police blockading buses and Dynamo ticket office burned; 1 thousand Molotov cocktails thrown, many thousand paving stones ripped out and thrown; 6 hours of full battle with riot police- photo below  Violent protester hurling paving stone at police behind torched police bus barricade- Jan 19, Hrushevskogo St., Kiev;  Michael Hammerschlag©2014   EXPANDS HUGE          -                                                    
Maidan Fireworks Feb 22, 2014
MAIDAN VICTORY EXPLAINED  (YouTube) exc- 2/22/14 midnight by Michael Hammerschlag w Fireworks + INFO TITLES + story;
On Kreshatuk by MAIDAN Post Office
Impromtu STANDUP after overwhelmed by the incredible scale of the PROTEST victory

New      73% Zel to 26% Poro
Ukr ZELENSKY Radio Report (Ogg audio) - Kharkov- Zelensky2:06min, April 30, 2019 Election Day; TV Comedian Political Novice ZELENSKY CRUSHES POROSHENKO 3 to 1 in Seminal Election    MP3

2010 Ukr Election Radio Report (MP3 audio) - KIEV:  Realplayer - Yanukovich-Tymoshenko-Yuschenko6:06min, Jan 17-18, 2010 Ukrainian voters are exhausted and disillusioned by the endless vicious battles between the big 3 Prez. candidates: President Yushchenko, PM Tymoshenko, and former PM Yanukovich, but after Presidential elections Jan17, one will soon be gone - Yushchenko's support has plummeted to 5%. Interviews of a dozen voters in Kiev + Mohyla Academy Political Science Professor Olexiy Haran.

My LECTURE(wma) @MOHYLA U, KIEV Are We Cooked? (2022 Article- Novaya Gazeta) Global Warming Worse Than heat factoryYou Think - 41meg April 2010   8 Recent Scientific Findings show warming will be much worse: 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temp. changes 4-10C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese + Indian coal power plants; Methane's threat (60x stronger than CO2) from melting tundra and ocean bottom CH4 hydrate deposits (2x other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets has cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming is over 2x what we see; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold: Polar ice cap going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing (gone by 2016?); Interviews w 5 top AGW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, U.Alaska, USGS, UCLA - 1:28 hrsBush + Powell

My LECTURE (RealAudio)  MP3 alt- MP3 @CHEKHOV CENTER, MOSCOW- The Rise + End of the Bush Era 6-20-07, 33min of 50
John McCain EG Armory, RI 2002
JOHN McCAIN question (RealAudio) - 2:27 min Sen. John McCain Rally, East Greenwich Armory, R.I., Feb 2000 why he should never be President;   A MATTER OF JUDGMENT
NSA Dir Wm Odom
NSA Director Gen. William Odom -new (REALAUDIO 52 min) ARTICLE  Dissects strategic blunders of Iraq, escape strategies, geopolitical consequences, civil war, Iran attack, Korea- April 7-06 - Brown Univ., Watson Institute INFO excellent    MY QUESTIONS on IRAN BOMBING (realaudio) + HANDICAPPING IRAQ CIVIL WAR (@ 2:03) - 7:14 min total WindowsMedia

BABarry FarberRRY FARBER Radio Show (nat audio) Feb 27,05 5-6pm STATIONS - re: How Kerry Lost and Bush's outrages - 37 min

BARRY FARBER Radio Show (audio) Feb 22 TITAN landing and Cassini mission re: CLOUDWORLD, Future of Iraq after elections, Junk e-mail - Business + Lifestyle Talk Radio Network- 35 min

NPR RADIO COMMENTARY on backpack bombs in London (+US) fm Jan '03 (audio)

HOWARD DEAN in Manchester, NH Town Meeting - Radio Report - Question on Debt 2:22- Dec 22, 03
rel. article:   DUNNING DEAN- DID the DOCTOR GET GORED - mediachannel

10th Anniversary of Moscow Oct '93 Revolt - (AUDIO) exc. - ARTICLE   VIOLENT COMMUNIST ATTACK that ALMOST DEPOSED YELTSIN -500 killed in 2 days of battles at WHITE HOUSE and OSTANKINO TV CENTER - 7:30 min

Congressman Patrick Kennedy- D RIDebate with Congrsmn. Patrick Kennedy D-RI (audio) about validity of IRAQ Invasion (he voted to authorize force)- 11 of 15 minutes 3/30/03        Prov. Journal article on it (bottom) + Andrea Mitchell speech       ARTICLE: FIRM of MIND; SOFT on FACTS

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RI NIGHTCLUB FIRE (article+photos)- Nat. Interview REPORT (aud) 2/24/03 3:32min   KIRO-710am Report (aud)- Seattle 2/21 8:30am 4min    KIRO TALK SHOW w Dave Ross-2/21 12 min               - 4th Worst US Fire in history shatters smallest state- with interviews with survivors at dawn Friday 
bush-gore 2000
TALK SHOW on PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TV + VOTE-COUNTING MISTAKES (Audio) - WHJJ-AM Providence- 34 min- - Arlene Violet - only guest- 1 hour;   Jan 9, 2001; Violet is former RI Attorney General, ex-nun, + ex-Nader's Raider        REALPLAYER fm Realproducer 8.5 (56kbps) - about article "WHOOPS", HOW the NETWORKS GOT IT WRONG - MediaChannel
          INTERVIEW of  WALTER CRONKITE (audio) - realplayer- On TV Election Mistakes - (coming)
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journalist Michael Hammerschlag on WSBE-TV TV TALK SHOW on RUSSIA (Audio)
- 13th State, WSBE -Ch 36 RM file, Providence RI  
            VIDEO (real)- 2:25                              Only Guest - 30 min- RealPlayer streaming G2 File- 1994MH at White House- fm Primary Documentary series

TELEVISION RESUME TAPE Menu - Iowa Caucus Presidential Primary (My Questions- Hart,Glenn,Cranston,Ferraro; + Mondale,Reagan) + Wash DC; Memorial Day WW2/Vietnam Commentary- Minneapolis, KIFI-TV8 Reports- Jackson Hole WY, Yellowstone, + ID.; Reports fm Russia: Red Sq., St. Petersburg, Kiev - VIDEO (real) - HIGH RES (580mb), 41 min;   SU,RUSSIA,UKR TV REPORTS '91-92  4 min Mp4 RUSSIA Report Audio
Grozny, Chechnya destroyed 1995
RUSSIAN MAFIA + CHECHEN WAR (audio)-KUOW-FM Seattle- NPR- Weekday Talk Show - Dec 94 - 20 min REALPLAYER re article CRIME STORY

TALK SHOW (aud) w liberal nat. host Meria Heller (updates) on Iraq, Bush, Terrorism, 2000 Elections + threats to the republic - APRIL 10, 03- 1hour

BARRY FARBER SHOW (audio) Jan 6, 04 - re: Howard Dean + the World, IRAQ War, My Exploits in Russia -38 min
        Only guest- 1 hour

BARRY FARBER SHOW (audio) Dec 4, 03 - On the Future of IRAQ re: STOPPING the NEXT BOSNIA 40 min-   Talk Radio Network- 35 stations (very conservative);   FARBER is a 55 year talk show legend;      Brown U. Conference on Kurds (audio) 4:03 min- Oct 1

                            »»» from  RUSSIA

OCTOBER REVOLT - Oct 3-4, 1993 - Live Taped Commentary during Communist Revolt that almost Overthrew Yeltsin - 200-500 died;    Speaker of Parliament + Vice President urged violent attack on Mayors Skyscraper + Ostankino TV Studios- Moscow, Russia- TOTAL- 33 min
              with article 24 Hours in an October Revolt
          5 min Talkshow fm Guardian offices-Sept 22
             Tape of Violent Crowd at White House (Parliament) when I was seized by crowd 9-11pm 
             Yeltsin Support March- Manezh Sq. to Theatralnia Sq- Midnight
             Attack on Ostankino TV Hdqtr- 3000 Protestors with machine guns, RPG against 25-50    Yeltsin     troops, later APC's     12am-10am
             Seige + Taking of White House by Yeltsin troops with Tanks in front of crowd of hundreds    2pm-7pm

RADIO SOUTH AFRICA (Audio) (Johannesburg,SA) - 1-3 minute Reports for several weeks fm Moscow after  Oct. Revolt
     (RealPlayer G2 Audio File)       PLUS              total both 29 minutes
KING-AM Seattle - Radio Talk Shows from Russia with Jim Althoff - March- Aug '93

YELTSIN COMMENTARY (realaudio) - March '93- (for Open Radio-AM, Moscow)  After vicious political attacks, special referendum on Yeltsin's rule and Yeltsin's mother's death- first vote on reform- 2:10 min- Moscow... The most moving period in Russia- Nobody knew if Yeltsin's reign was through, but he won resoundingly by 3:1    

PRESS CONFERENCES - Inter. Press Center- Radison Hotel Moscow -
    My Questions-
James Baker (real) on Iraq retaliation after Saddam's plot to kill Bush I, Mikhail Gorbachev, Yegor Gaidar, Gennady Burbulis, Anatoly Chubais


WASHINGTON DC -  2022-23 new

Mike Interviewed on TV ASIA
(Indian News Service) on Ukraine Invasion,
in front of the WHITE HOUSE March 6, '22 @ 3:05 min, 77 mb MP4 Video file, use WiFi

Russian US Information Manipulation    new @ IWP-    BRET SCHAFER - Alliance for Securing Democracy- Creator of Hamilton Software Analyzing Totalitarian Lies + Manipulation of US Social Media w Chinese + US Help- March 2, 2023, MIKE's QUESTION on Constant Moral Erosion of Combating Lies 56:00-59:30 min

HENRY NAU - Jan 19 4-5pm, 4 Schools of Foreign Policy
MIKE's QUESTION on the 4 Schools of FP Thought, and their Mutual Antipathy; Which R U, Biden Pretty Good- 48:50 to 59:00; Turn up volume- questions very quiet!

CHINA'S THREAT IN THE REALM OF 5G AND CYBER    new @ IWP-    JON PELSON - Internat Telecoms Exec, Author- Wireless Wars: China's Dangerous Domination of 5G & How We're Fighting Back - Sept 1, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question on HOW FAR DOES THIS EXTEND- EVERY PHONE + LAPTOP ARE MADE IN CHINA + IS ANY GOV AGENCY TESTING THINGS FOR BACKDOORS? (vid) - if doesn't cue up jump to 40:19-43:06 min

BEYOND NUCLEAR CRISIS: NEW AND LONG-TERM STRATEGY FOR THE KOREAN PENINSULA    @ IWP    Col. David Maxwell- Sn Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies - July 7, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO DEAL w FANATIC KIMS + Can NK Missiles really reach AK or CA? (vid)- if doesn't cue up jump to 53:05- 57:06 min

TURKEYS PRES ERDOGAN BALANCING Leading to 2023 Elections    @ IWP    IWP Prof Henry P Williams - May 24, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question: WHY IS ERDOGAN SO COZY w RUSSIA Even After they CRUSHED the TATARS in CRIMEA- (vid) if doesn't cue up, jump to 57:50 min - My Question Inaudible

The Russia-Ukraine War and Global Energy Security    @ IWP    Kelly Ogle of the CANADIAN GLOBAL AFFAIRS INSTITUTE- June 21, 2022 - YOUTUBE   
MIKE'S Question: PRECIPITOUS WITHDRAWL OF OIL CO from RUSSIA ($50 bil loss), was there a better way? 2nd on $500 mil/year for upkeep of Oil Infrastructure- (vid) if doesn't cue up jump to 50:30 min


THE MODI QUESTION - March 7, 2023, Imran Dawood, Yusuf Dawood, Dr. Aakashi Bhatt, daughter of Sanjiv Bhatt, incarcerated police officer, Ashish Khetan
After the BBC aired a two-part documentary entitled "India: The Modi Question" on Jan. 17, the Indian government used its emergency powers to ban it from being aired in the country. Modi's government also forced Twitter and YouTube to block the documentary in India. The BBC documentary examines Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots when he was chief minister of the western Indian state. During the riots, 1000s of predominantly Muslim Indians were killed, many were raped, and Muslim establishments were set on fire. The Indian Supreme Court exonerated Modi in 2012 of wrongdoing, but the British Foreign Office produced an unpublished report claiming Modi was "directly responsible" for enabling the impunity of violence
MIKE's QUESTION on Whether the US Must Deal with Leader of 1.3 bil Country Anyway- YOUTUBE   


ANCIENT LIVES PRESERVED IN CUNEIFORM - Impressions of Mesopotamian Society Over 3,500 Years Ago- Amanda Podany - History Professor Emeritus, CalPoly Pomona; Author of Weavers, Scribes, and Kings: A New History of the Ancient Near East; MIKE's QUESTION on Evolution of Cuneiform over 3 Milenia; Her Proficiency; # of Experts- YouTube 1:47:44-1:49:57

ANCIENT MAYAN CIVILIZATION in N GUATEMALA- Extensive Mirador Basin Civilization Revealed with LiDAR Technology 1000 B.C.- A.D. 150 , Richard Hansen -Director, Idaho State Univ, Nat Geog 10 min MP3 Interview

DART: The Double Asteroid Redirection Test - Protecting Earth from Planetary Impacts - Andrew Cheng & Andrew Rivkin - JHU Applied Physics Laboratory     Cosmos Club Oct 7, '22    MIKE's QUESTION on How long before Earth impact would that size spacecraft have had to hit it, IF it was on a collision course with Earth... to MISS IT? UTube Video - @ 1:26:35 to 1:30 - fm excellent NAS video     The impact is pretty impressive, increasing the brightness 10x and blowing off a shell of gas that might be some of the 50kg of propellant left- or the vaporized nut-roll asteroid! This 550 ft asteroid Dimorphos was about the size of the Great Pyramid, and would put a world of hurt on Earth if it hit us, probably killing hundreds of millions from tsunamis. There are maybe 20,000 NEOs that size ... just in 2020-21 6000 new NEA's have been found!
The Chelyabinsk rock would have killed 600K people had it detonated at 2 miles, rather than 25 miles (in a vacuum) & it was only 60 ft wide! The head-on DART impact was 4 mps and 1300 kg, maybe they could increase the weight 10x and speed 2-3x for a real deflector

BACK TO THE MOON TO STAY- Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium   new   BRETT DENEVI + WESLEY FUHRMAN - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory     Cosmos Club Dec 16,'22     DENEVI- Principal Scientist APL, Dep Principal Investigator of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, Investigator on NASA's ShadowCam instrument on SK's KARI Danuri orbiter, and coming Lunar Vertex and Lunar-VISE missions; FUHRMAN- Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative- lunar and cislunar space, hypervelocity impact sensing + modeling, + advanced materials. Research on condensed matter physics, spectroscopy + theory of topological quantum materials; single + bulk crystal growth       YOUTUBE VIDEO fm excellent video       INTERVIEW - 12 min mp3 pre-editing    

LATEST on GREAT DINOSAUR EXTINCTION    new   SEAN GULICK - U TEXAS INSTITUTE FOR GEOPHYSICS  RESEARCHER WHO DRILLED 1st CHIXALUB CORE     Cosmos Club Dec 2,'22   Co-Director of CENTER FOR PLANETARY SYSTEMS HABITABIITY   Gulick has been on 30 Research Ocean Expedition around the world investigating Tectonic + Climate Interactions in Glaciated Continental Margins, Subduction Zones, Historical preservation in Incised River Valleys... testing hypotheses using geophysical data and core drilling    MIKE'S QUESTIONS on US DISTANCE PENETRATED by TSUNAMI, WHAT IF DEEP OCEAN, WHY BIRDS SURVIVE?- @ 1:21:48-1:26:00 if doesn't cue- YOUTUBE VIDEO fm excellent video       INTERVIEW - 12:49 min mp3     MH-0:51 Evidence related to Boltysh Crater (15 mi diam-Ukraine), 2:15 min- 300gt Sulfur Gases Cooling, 3:03- Iridium Distribution, 4:25 MH- How far penetration towards Appalachians; 5:35- Sulfuric Acid vs Sulfur aerosols, MH- 6:13 Much Acid Rain? 6:43 Bird's Hard Shells vs Pteradactyls permeable, MH- 7:40 If hit where NO Carbon or Sulfur? + Mar's Earth Collison Makes the Moon, 10:46 MH- My '89 Yucatan Trip (when Chixulub discovered), 11:43- If Impact in Deep Ocean

NASA Astrophysics Exploration, Origins, & Physics of the Cosmos - MARK CLAMPIN - Astrophysics Division Director- NASA Headquarters; Fmr Goddard Sciences + Exploration Director + James Webb Observatory Proj Scientist     Cosmos Club Oct 21,'22    MIKE'S QUESTION on GRAVITATIONAL LENSING- @ 1:31:19 if doesn't cue - fm excellent PSW video    where you see the images of galaxies/stars smeared around gigantic superclusters or black holes in arcs (multiple times from same source). Those are pictures of the emptiest parts of the universe, so all you're seeing is the very oldest stuff 13 billion light years away! And they are all galaxies, quasars, SMBH... spectacularly huge to even be visible at that distance! INTERVIEW - 6:28 min mp3 lensing, dark matter-2:25, mult. planetary systems-3:45, transit of Venus-5:37, manned vs robot missions-5:45 Much lensing (pic) is done by huge superclusters or supermassive black holes.
SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLES AT THE CENTERS OF GALAXIES- Accretion, Dynamical Interactions, Galaxy Evolution, and Cosmic History - Shobita Satyapal Department of Physics and Astronomy - George Mason University     PSW- Cosmos Club June 17, '22   
QUESTION on SIMILARITIES of SMBHs, each Billions of Solar Masses- @ 1:23:40 to 1:26 - PSW video
Actually her answer just before is spectacular, turns out SMBHs blast out jets from the poles, like pulsars, that are the hugest thing in the universe, blasting out galaxies of material in a matter of minutes or hours! Note this is not SMBH material, which is lost forever below the event horizon, but from the viciously rotating accretion disk which is accelerated to millions of degrees near the speed of light. That is what the new ring images of BH's are of- that radiating material before annihilation, many light-years in diameter. The scale of all this stuff is mind-boggling. SMBH's are present in the center of (most?) galaxies.


GWU Taiwan Conf- US German Marshall Fund-
Bonnie Glaser + Taipei Econ. + Cultural Office- Liang-Yu Wang @ 3:23-6:15- Jul 9, 2022,     MIKE'S Question- on China's land grab in S. China Sea AND @ 3:23 Did Putin Wait for Xi's Agreement to Invade Ukraine- 6:15 min mp3- poor audio

TV DOZHD (RAIN) - GWU TANGO with PUTIN- - Natalya Sindeyeva, Vera Krichevskaya- Sept 26, 2022,  new    MIKE'S Questions- on Why oligarchs don't help + How RAIN got a pass for years - Vera 2:21 min mp3     TV RAIN was one of the 4-5 Russian Media Outlets to report the truth, for which they were viciously persecuted. ALL are now closed and many editors in exile with the 5 year sentences for not repeating Putinist lies

JEFFREY ROSEN- legal scholar new
- GWU Churchhill Center - Sept 29, 2022,  VIDEO - answer (only) to MH@45:00 (cued)     MIKE'S Questions/Interview on whether it's time to ignore a grotesquely partisan Court AND Could Biden win allowing Abortions on Military Bases - 9:37 min mp3- quiet, turn up! (3rd SC Ruling Struck Down NY Gun Control)


THE HEAT IS ON - SCHAR SCHOOL- May 10     - Panel- 3 ARCTIC EXPERTS Discus Security Aspects of Huge ARCTIC WARMING (4x more than avg);   Erin Sikorsky- Director of the Center for Climate and Security and the International Military Council on Climate and Security, Adjunct Professor- Schar School of Policy and Government; Marisol Maddox- Sn. Arctic Analyst at the Polar Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center, research fellow at the Center of Climate and Security, member Council on Foreign Relations; David Priess- moderater- fmr CEO of the Lawfare Institute, and fmr CIA analyst, sn fellow of the Hayden Center     MIKE's QUESTIONS- When Will Polar Ice Cap Melt, 7 Feedback Loops, Thinking Too Small? - YouTube Video


IRAQ 20 YEARS ON - Georgetown Univ. InterCultural Center- Mar 14     - Movie + Panel- 5 ME Experts Discuss the Disaster of 2003 Iraq Invasion; Center for Arab Studies w George Mason Univ ME Studies;   Panels will explore the invasion's economic and geopolitical impact, as well as how it has been addressed within Iraqi arts and culture. The conference will also feature a showing of the 2004 documentary ABOUT BAGHDAD, the first film made about Iraq after the fall of the Ba'ath regime in July 2003, followed by a discussion with the directors. 1st PART
MIKE's QUESTIONS- Still Stunned by Greatest Crime of my Life, Corrupt Reasons, Did Invasion lay Foundation for Ukraine Invasion?

THE  JANES - Georgetown Univ. InterCultural Center- Oct 12,2022    movie + lecture- Heroic band of Chicago women who provided and performed abortions 1968-72 until arrested; Saved by Roe v Wade;     Mike's Questions- How They Survived so Long, Did Police Protect Them, Major Motion Picture- CALL JANE w Sigourney Weaver    (see Sarah Weddington below)

Environmental Resources Future- Pres. Richard Newell- Aug 11, 2022,     MIKE'S Question- on Methane Leakage from Gas Pipelines + Plants- drone detectors? - 2 min mp3

LBJ SCHOOL (UT) DC CENTER- Policy Lessons from the Past- U.S. history with a Texas twist: Dr. Sarah Coleman on the politics of IMMIGRATION in modern America- Texas State U & author of The Walls Within: The Politics of Immigration in Modern America and Assoc Dir of Research at The Center for the Study of Race + Democracy- LBJ School, Dr. Sergio Garcia-Rios;     MIKE'S Question - Stitcher Audio @36:28- the Browning of America was supposed to change America to be more sane + accepting; but the opposite has happened- partly because many Hispanics oppose Immigration + are so culturally conservative, they support Repubs (who hate them) & make up half of ICE


SARAH WEDDINGTON (realaudio)   Winner of Roe vs. Wade case discusses Supreme Court cases and changes, historic struggle on abortion; Former Tx Congresswoman- Brown U., Salomon Hall 4:15 min- WINMEDIA March 14,2006 BIO

CONG. CHARLIE RANGEL (audio)- 35 yr. Harlem Congressman, founder Cong. Black Caucus; Question on Republican tone deafness re. Katrina, Libby, tax cuts, and cuts for the poor- Brown U., Salomon Hall- Oct 24, 2005

Daily Kos's Markos Moulitsas Interview- (realaudio) 7 min   (winmedia)    ARTICLE
Proprietor of most popular liberal blog slams Chafee, estimates Dems chances -May 2006

JPL's Torrence Johnson on TiTAN landing (realaudio)
4-27-06 Brown U 7:16min / LANDING MOVIES (spectacular!)    CLOUD WORLD: MISSION to TITAN my article

JAMES  LILLEY (audio) Ambassador to China during Tiananmen, Taiwan, and South Korea- Questions about moral foundation of Chinese Communist Party re. wild capitalism; Remembrances of Tiananmen Sq. Massacre- Brown U. Watson Inst. Strait Talk Symposium- Nov 13, 2005

NORMAN SOLOMON (audio) Liberal Media Critic, Columnist, and founder of Institute for Public Accuracy; Question on whether media will now finally stay tough on Bush's prevarications- Salomon Hall, Brown U.- Nov 13

AVNER COHEN (aud) - Israeli historian of their nuclear program; Author- Israel and the Bomb, The Last Taboo      Question when America knew about Israeli bomb + if Israel has missile silos and IRBMs- Brown U Watson Institute- Feb 10, 05 5:50 min

PETER BERGEN (MP3) - One of 3 western reporters to interview Osama, author Holy War Inc. - Sept 16, 03 URI Globalization Colloquiem (says nothing)

DENNIS ROSS (aud)- Ambassador + Mideast Negotiator - 1:36 min April 29, 03 Brown U. - about difference between US Camp David proposal + Arafat claims;   whether Abu Mazen will be endangered by plan to confiscate arms

GEORGE RYAN (aud)+ Larry Marshall - Repub IL Gov. who commuted death penalty for 156 inmates on death row in Jan                                             4:46 min- excerpts + question- April 15, 03 Brown U. Lecture + NW law professor that discovered innocence 

GARY HART (full audio) 5:10 min Mar 18,03- Senator, Pres. candidate and Chairman of Nat. Security Commission - Brown U lecture on US security on eve of Iraq War

RAYMOND COHEN- (aud- threat of Shiite control in Iraq 3:14) Israeli terrorism expert 4-23-03- Palestinian Peace prospects (3:36), Brown U., Watson Institute, Rabin Assasination,

JANET RENO  (aud) :55 - Clinton Attorney General speaks on risks of unlimited detention without appeal- Brown U lecture- Question on authorizing Starr to investigate Monica 3-31

STEPHEN FLYNN (aud) RADIO NEWS REPORT - author + director of  HART-RUDMAN Report on America's continued huge vulnerability to terrorism -4:52, Watson Institute, Brown U. 2/10/2003       Council on Foreign Relations Sn. Fellow - Oct 2002 Task Force inc. Gary Hart, Warren Rudman, William Webster, Warren Christopher, George Shultz, 2 Joint Chiefs;   Flynn's Senate Testimony on containers

ROBERT McNAMARA (aud)- Brown U symposium on Cuban Missile Crisis- Watson Institute 10/23/2002- Recent stunning revelation was that Soviets had 162 nuclear bombs (some on missiles!) in Cuba during the whole dustup- we came a hair from the death of tens of millions- 2:15 minutes

ROBERT REICH (aud) - Clinton Labor Sec.- Brown U. Conference A Time of Great Consequence - 1:14 min 4/3/03

Mike McCURRY Realplayer (AUDIO)- 2:40 min - Clinton Press secretary- April '99 -RI Business Convention  
 LETTER from MCCURRY about resignation -Aug 98 (met him in Moscow in '94) 

KATHRYN FULLER- (aud) President- World Wildlife Fund- 4/2/03 - On development of electric cars 1:57 min

ANDREA MITCHELL(aud)- (NBC correspondent) - Lecture Brown U. 3/30 question on whether media has started telling us what to think about Iraq War 2:54 min
                             TEXT of QUESTION
COLIN POWELL- April '00 -RI Business Convention, Providence (lost)                          

SAM DONALDSON (aud)- TOWN MEETING fm PROVIDENCE, RI on Terrorism - Nov 8, 2001   

TOM WOLFE (aud)- Brown Univ. Lecture - April 14, 02- INFO On the Cities, Temples of Museums, Power Lunches, and Ken Kesey- poor audio

(aud)- Brown Univ. Lecture - April 11, 2002 on Media reluctance to question Bush's legitimacy and competence- poor quality audio        --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


NPR RADIO Commentary - Funny Critique of obnoxious ubiquitous musical Mitsubishi TV ads   
COMMENTARY2 - Backpack Bombs in London Coming Attractions re. Iraq Jan 31,03

YELTSIN COMMENTARY (realaudio) - March '93- (for Open Radio-AM, Moscow)  Special referendum on Yeltsin's rule- 2:10 min- Moscow

VINDICTIVE COMMENTARY   (MP3) - Dec 5, 2016-  Trump's Love of Dictators, Violence, and Revenge is a Threat to Democracy


                                         TALK of the WORLD      from KIEV  (at 33min)   on prospects of Middle East peace under Obama (TOTN) w Sharansky +
                                                    Hanan Ashrawi- Nov 7,08

                                          Operating in a war zone re Jill Caroll (aud) - NPR Talk of the Nation @9:28min  LIVING IN THE DANGER ZONE - Feb 6, 2006

ON POINT                       Prof. TIM SNYDER- (mp3) - Comment on Russian Propaganda's Effect against Ukraine and US Right Wing's Media Echo Machine;
                                                   June 7, 2018 w Robert Siegel, @22.20- 3.41 min Snyder's Book: THE ROAD TO UNFREEDOM - Link to SHOW

                                          Daniel PEARL's MURDER, Threats (AUDIO) to Reporters + my Kidnapping and Ambush in Russia- NPR's  ON POINT - Feb 22,02

XI - TRUMP MEETING (mp3)- Apr 5, 2017   The great danger is that, AFTER the meeting, when Xi realizes what an abject ignorant
                                          fool Trump is, what incredibly provocative act he will pull in the S. China Sea to test him. Chinese value wisdom, moderation, caution,
                                           strength, resoluteness; and despise recklessness, stupidity, foolishness, bluster.   OP SHOW - 6:20 min @40:30

                                          RUSSIAN HACKING + SYRIAN DEPREDATIONS (mp3)- Putin will keep pushing until someone pushes back. Middle East is a
                                            Red Line for Russia/SU.   OP SHOW- THE US + RUSSIA AT ODDS - Oct 11, 2016 (before Election)- 5:10 min

                                          FREE SOLO-(mp3) Alex Honnolds Insane Ropeless Climb of El Capitan. My experiences on Devils Tower with a free climber
                                            OP SHOW- FREE SOLO - Oct 9, 2018   3:15 min with Meghna

                                          Wonders of Wired Magazine (audio)       NPR     On Point    July 21     Visually stunning, visionary magazine      INFO on SHOW
                                             Move Realplayer slider to 44:40-47:20   2:24 min                 

                                         DOWNING ST. MEMO noncoverage; PUTIN's problems in criticizing US - Arlene Violet WHJJ - May 10, 2005; 4 min

                                        Stalin's death 50th anniversary (audio)     NPR   Connection  Mar 5      Greatest monster in history         
                                            Move slider to 20:26-25:00   

Overthrowing the Iranian mullahs   (audio)       NPR  Talk of the Nation-Jan 22, 03       Move slider to 21:45-24:40    INFO
New Hope for Iran- article (scroll right)
Bush Tax Cuts (audio)- Arlene Violet Show 2-28-01 -predicts hundreds of billions of $ deficits- and now he wants more

State of Science Fiction- actual events imitating it (audio)       NPR   On Point  May 20. 2005    2min       re: Mission to Titan

Russian attack on Chechen Moscow theater terrorists (Audio) - NPR Talk of the Nation- Oct 28,02     Move time slider to 25:30-28:37   INFO on SHOW
                                                                                                                                                                                                              article -
Season of Plagues
Criminality and Legitimacy of Russian Oligarchs (AUDIO)- NPR's  On Point - May 3          INFO          Move time slider to 22:12 -32:20: minutes
                                                                                                                                                                                                     article -
Russian Government takes Control of TV
NPR TALK of the NATION (aud)- Comments on Promiscuous Airline Security - 11/21/01 3:10pm        INFO          Move time slider to 10:10 - 12:23 minutes
                                                                                                           article -
OLYMPICS and Excess Triumphalism (aud)- NPR Connection -  Jan 31st 2002 2nd hr   INFO    Move time slider to   36:15 - 41:28                                                                                      
Dialog w Matt Brzezinski re Phillipines - Washington Post Live- Jan 2, 02 - re. his article on '95 warning of Muslim terrorist flight training  from Ramzi Yousef's 11 aircraft
                                                           bombing Phillipines' plot    half way down


WE/MUI Magazine (Hearst/Izvestia- Russian in Moscow + English in Washington) boy/girl
Radio Ad- written and recorded by me (from Open Radio-AM, Moscow)- poorly produced (too loud bad music)


Yatseniuk in Maidan Press CenterARSENIY YATSENIUK's BBC / Hammerschlag Interview - YOUTUBE - Maidan Trade Center- Dec 13, 2013

INTERVIEW of soon to be Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk in the old burned Maidan Trade Center 2 weeks into the 3 month protests by BBC TV and Michael Hammerschlag
WE HAVE THE VOTES TO DEPOSE YANU- "Communists are on-board!"

SECOND TRY AT DEPOSING YANUKOVICH GOVERNMENT - Scoop     Kiev: According to Arseniy Yatseniuk, Opposition forces arrayed against President Victor Yanukovich may be poised for another attempt to remove his Prime Minister, and Government in... Dec 18, 2013

Ruslan KOSHULINSKY Interview- Ukraine RADA Dep. Speaker- YOUTUBE   BBC + Michael Hammerschlag's Interview of Ukraine Parliament's Deputy Speaker Ruslan Koshulinsky at the beginning of Yanukovich Protests in the Occupied Kyiv City Hall. Live translation by Vladimr Zubkov - Dec 4, 2013  11min

MIKE ON NPR's On Point Nat. Radio Talk Show on INVASION @ 29:10`min point, 3:10 min US Amb Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt

MIKE QUESTIONS US AMBASSADOR GEOFFREY PYATT (YTvideo @18:27 -21:52); AUDIO   TEXT (1st para) - Ukr's choice- crack down or lose East; US reaction to full Russian invasion PLUS  give Ukr encrypted communications;   - April 29
 AUDIO- mp3  DONETSK ACTIVIST on ATTACKS Oleg Saakyan -30s- % of  Donetsk want Russia; biggest Ukr + ProRus (PR) rally 1:45, PR Pay 3:45;   EIR ENERGY CONFERENCE  - 4:10 min MP Zubkov,, Min Reg Dev Cons Malezhik, Glamazdin; LNG PORT + Firtash Corruption+SLOVAKIA return gas-gd aud 7:35; GLAMAZDIN INT - 11:05 Turkeys reason, Industrial Users-14:05, Black Sea Lease CONF 2 AUD - pvt interviw Minis. Housing Olena MALEZHIK+ Vadim GLAMAZDIN (EIR)  - apt central heating losses- 1:23, Ideal Cent. Plants- cogeneration+Vilnius 5:40; SLOVAKIA Reverse Flow- 8:27 - Apr 30
Kiev Mayor, Boxing Champion Vitalie Klitschko
Mar 4   pic below- Klitschko MH©2014 MIKE QUESTIONS VITALY KLITSCHKO (YouTube VIDEO UPDATED w Eng trans) about  whether Ukr. would find loyal militsia-police to replace traitorous ones to stop Russian"tourist' rioters; Totally ducks question . Crisis Media Video 18:45-21:00 (Ukr only)   CLOSE BOSPHORUS? (YTvid)
 Fmr Def Min. Anat. HrytsenkoAND Fmr Const. Court Judge Kozubra (cu Video YT- if the Const. Court and other Judiciary was purged of the Yanukovich hacks; he said "most judges should be replaced"- Mar 17

MIKE QUESTIONS PUTIN ADVISOR ANDREI ILLARIANOV (YouTube VIDEO)`on whether US Battle Group in the Black Sea would have stopped Putin's Invasion Mar 14th

+ FORMR DEFENSE MIN. GRYTSENKO -  (VIDEO) @7:15- 14:40min About whether Ukr. would find loyal militsia-police and send to East to control border and stop Russian"tourist' rioters.who killed people in Donetsk. Said nobody will help Ukr if it doesn't help itself  pic above rt. MH

MIKE QUESTIONS FMR INTERIOR MIN. LUTSENKO - (AUDIO-mp3) 2 1/2 year political prisoner Yury answers "Are you bitter". He read 300 books inc. Buddhist bible. Bad Sound Activation lost half recording. Svoboda leader TyanibokVasyl got exc. video, but deleted it by mistake Mar 18 pic left- Lutsenko MH©2014

MIKE QUESTIONS  SVOBODA updated LEADER TYAHNIBOK  - (YT VIDEO) If time to appoint war pres.- Messed up question- meant to say  "Emergency War President" Of course "acting Pres". is Turchynov, though he hasn't acted like one in rallying people against Russian threat   ALSO @ CMC video at 23:10 pic - Mar 13, 2014 MH
Lesya Orobyets + MH

MIKE QUESTIONS DEPUTY LESYA OROBYETS (YouTube-VIDEO)- Maidan Crisis Press Cent- Mar 8- 65mb mp4 Candidate for Kyiv Mayor
- pic- Vasyl Ponomariov

+ BRIT AMB. SIMON SMITH, Food to Police Org Inga V, Miss Ukraine AUDIOMike's Questions: Orobyets- Police Lustration 0, Oligarch Governors 3.03; Smith- when sanctions,
US ships to Black Sea -
4.42, reason Yush's attempt to evict BSF 9.05, Food to Police Inga-9.28 min  pic below right -

Crimean Tatar Reg. Admin Head Ili Umarov (aud) 1:27min  Crimea Tatars plan to boycott vote, but polls have only 42% for joining Russian; Asked why don't they ALL vote, cause without their 13%, Russians sure to win - Mar 10
Fmr For. Min Boris Tarasyuk

-MIKE QUESTIONS Fmr Foreign Min. BORYS TARASYUK (vid-14:20-23:30)-
if ensuring BSF tenancy could've forestalled Invasion  (pic left)

Soldier about Russian Attack-
8:44;  Sailors Union Pres. Volodomir VoFor Min Andrei Deschytsialoshyn- 9:55 could Ukr ships have escaped (aud-mp3) 12min - Mar 24 Invasion;  CLOSE THE BOSPHORUS-21:23Vid, 6:45m Aud;

MIKE QUESTIONS FOREIGN MIN. AND. DESHCHYTSIA  (YT-@24:50 - 28:00min)   Will UN punish Russia Mar 29 YT CU (Mike) question only AND    Pic right -
Trade Min Pavlo Sheremyetamustafa jemeliev

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT + TRADE MIN. PAVLO SHEREMYETA  (YT 34:25 - 37:46) How hryvna's collapse good + bad what's best rate  (PIC below lf) and   
DEP. DEFENSE MIN. LEONID POLYAKOV (YT-SB cu) Military penetrated top to bottom by Russian agents- U rooting them out?
  AUDIO (Sherameta-exchange rate, Gas LNG port 3:24, Polyakova- Rus Agents 4:10, in SBU 8:46)

  MIKE QUESTIONS Dep Foreign Minister Danylo LUBKIVSKY  VIDEO (rt) April 14  AUDIO mp3 19m (Willing to kill? - 0:36 Aud;  11:52-Video ;  Sympathetic Russian diplomatsAud 2:16 ;  Video - 29:00-33:53 )   AND

Health Minister OLEG MUSIY  VIDEO (Aud-7:07min Can't Minister fire people) + Deputy + Head of Tatar Mejlis     

MUSTAFA JEMELIEV  TEXT (2nd para),  VIDEO (Attacks on Tatars 0:52, Close Bosphorus 27:00) (AUDIO- 11:00 min Attacks on Tatars, 15:07- Close the BOSPHORUS) - April 17 (pic left)

. ,Kerry use big stick in Geneva?
(vid@11:47)  - April 18 +  SHEREMETA - why Hrv strBrit Amb Wm Hagueonger? (13.50 to 10.80/$ in 4 days) VIDEO @19:50-22:53 ITAL SENATOR MARIO MAURO-What do Ital people think of Maidan? VIDEO@14:06  AUDIO ;   FMR. UKR FSB GEN MALOMYZH-AUD@2:43- really possible Russia would return Crimea+ time to clean up Maidan?- answers neither; NEW UKR DIR. A. YERMELIEV - AUD@6:16 Terrorist threat- Nukes + targets guarded more; if can't protect SBU HQ, how protect 4000 installations

PashunskySergSTIONS BRIT. FOREIGN MINISTER WILLIAM HAGUE (Video@18:00min- Is England pulling its punches due to power of London oligarchs- May 7 (pic right -)

will you secure voting sites or make new ones outside of cities TRANS Aud  (Pic left)

DANILO LUBKIVSKY -May 13- any movement in Rus troops or Separatists? -if not, why would you trust negotiation AND  GENNADY CarlBildtDRUZENKO (0) - Reserve Army (part-time Home Guard) + ANDRIY ANTONYSCHYAK (@1:14) - National Guard Coordinator- fought in Slovyansk - May 13 AUDIO of Both (extended interview Anton)

SWED. FM CARL BILDT (vid)- will EU follow through with long-term resource diversification away from Russia AFTER aud  

 DIMA TYMYale Prof Tim SnyderCHUK AUD military analyst- If not willing to kill people how can you win war; extnd interview (Aud@4:01 mp3-May16

Dmytro Yarosh- Pravy Sector leader
                                        YALE PROF. TIMOTHY SNYDER (YOUTUBE) author Bloodlands THINKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE -
                                                        why you say Eurasian Union rather than Soviet, without China can it be Asian; failure of the Western Left in reacting to Putin's lies - Mohyla Academy May 15 ; After Speech-AUD - Snyder writes article I suggested (prev aud) pic left

Pravy Sector DMYTRO YAROSH - YT Vid@5:05m Pres Cand.  AUDIO ; What is ur relationship w Gov + see yourself part of it; Pravy Sector in danger in Eastpic right  AND

Nat. Security Council ANDRIY PARUBIY YT Vid-@32m; AUDIO@3:37 Offense has advantage over defense, finally doing offense after election? - May 22  pic left

                                        HRYTSENKO YT Vid@26:56 Pres. Cand.- What would you do w. the Separatists if Pres.? May 21

SBU head Nalyvaichenko

SBU HEAD VALENTYN NALYVAICHENKO -AUDIO - U cleaned out the SBU of Russian agents so betrayal capture forestalled? Pvt Interview May 23  pic right

ELECTION HEASens Porter-CardinD ANDRIY MAGERA YT VIDEO (AUDIO@8:25) - Central secure voting sites OUTSIDE city; INTERNET VOTING through Banks

  SEN. BEN CARDIN + ROB PORTMAN - YT VIDEO -Porter: Will US provide Ukr desperately needed military gear;  pic left
CARDIN- Exclus. Inter. VIDEO (low res)- Would US support Poroshenko Eastern crack-down if 500-1000 killed? Answer not encouraging.

GEORGIAN REFORMER BILLIONAIRE KAKHA BENDUKIDZE  AUDIO (extended interview 7:55) on temptations of power, new Georgian Gov.   pic right
Tanya Chernovol

ANTICORRUPTION HEAD TANYA CHERNOVOL - YT VIDEO (@47:57ans Ukr) Corruption in awarding sales contract of Yanu front man's $900M gasoline; AUDIO- Eng 6:31 min of Turchenov's AntiCorruption Olena Tyshchenko- June 2   pic left