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        AUDIO  FILES   Radio/TV Talk Shows, Interviews, Reports 2
                                                                                                                   of   Michael Hammerschlag
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Ukr Election Radio Report (MP3 audio) - KIEV:  Realplayer - 6:06min, Jan 17-18, 2010 Ukrainian voters are exhausted and disillusioned by the endless vicious battles between the big 3 Prez. candidates: President Yushchenko, PM Tymoshenko, and former PM Yanukovich, but after Presidential elections Jan17, one will soon be gone - Yushchenko's support has plummeted to 5%. Interviews of a dozen voters in Kiev + Mohyla Academy Political Science Professor Olexiy Haran.

My LECTURE(wma) @MOHYLA U, KIEV Are We Cooked? Global Warming Worse Than You Think - 41meg April 2010   8 Recent Scientific Findings show warming will be much worse: 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temp. changes 4-10C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese + Indian coal power plants; Methane's threat (60x stronger than CO2) from melting tundra and ocean bottom CH4 hydrate deposits (2x other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets has cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming is over 2x what we see; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold: Polar ice cap going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing (gone by 2016?); Interviews w 5 top AGW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, U.Alaska, USGS, UCLA - 1:28 hrs

My LECTURE (RealAudio) MP3 @CHEKHOV CENTER, MOSCOW- The Rise + End of the Bush Era 6-20-07, 33min of 50

JOHN McCAIN question (RealAudio) - 2:27 min Sen. John McCain Rally, East Greenwich Armory, R.I., Feb 2000
                                                                                    why he should never be President;   A MATTER OF JUDGMENT
NSA Director Gen. William Odom -new (REALAUDIO 52 min) ARTICLE  Dissects strategic blunders of Iraq, escape strategies, geopolitical consequences, civil war, Iran attack, Korea- April 7-06 - Brown Univ., Watson Institute INFO excellent    MY QUESTIONS on IRAN BOMBING (realaudio) + HANDICAPPING IRAQ CIVIL WAR (@ 2:03) - 7:14 min total WindowsMedia

BARRY FARBER Radio Show (nat audio) Feb 27,05 5-6pm STATIONS - re: How Kerry Lost and Bush's outrages - 37 min

BARRY FARBER Radio Show (audio) Feb 22 TITAN landing and Cassini mission re: CLOUDWORLD, Future of Iraq after elections, Junk e-mail - Business + Lifestyle Talk Radio Network- 35 min

GETTING GOOD NEWS: The Government vs. the Press in Times of War (realaudio)  (windowsmedia)  Mike's BROWN U. LECTURE (listing)- History of Press restrictions in Wars since WW2; How Vietnam changed everything and made the media the enemy- 27 min., Salomon Hall, Brown Univ., Dec 13, 04  Poster      Post Movie Lecture (audio)- 52min

NPR RADIO COMMENTARY on backpack bombs in London (+US) fm Jan '03 (audio)

HOWARD DEAN in Manchester, NH Town Meeting - Radio Report - Question on Debt 2:22- Dec 22, 03
rel. article:   DUNNING DEAN- DID the DOCTOR GET GORED - mediachannel

10th Anniversary of Moscow Oct '93 Revolt - (AUDIO) - ARTICLE   VIOLENT COMMUNIST ATTACK that ALMOST DEPOSED YELTSIN -200 killed in 2 days of battles at WHITE HOUSE and OSTANKINO TV CENTER - 7:30 min

Debate with Congrsmn. Patrick Kennedy D-RI (audio) about validity of IRAQ Invasion (he voted to authorize force)- 11 of 15 minutes 3/30/03        Prov. Journal article on it (bottom) + Andrea Mitchell speech       ARTICLE: FIRM of MIND; SOFT on FACTS

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RI NIGHTCLUB FIRE (article+photos)- Nat. Interview REPORT (aud) 2/24/03 3:32min   KIRO-710am Report (aud)- Seattle 2/21 8:30am 4min    KIRO TALK SHOW w Dave Ross-2/21 12 min               - 4th Worst US Fire in history shatters smallest state- with interviews with survivors at dawn Friday 

TALK SHOW on PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TV + VOTE-COUNTING MISTAKES (Audio) - WHJJ-AM Providence- 34 min- - Arlene Violet - only guest- 1 hour;   Jan 9, 2001; Violet is former RI Attorney General, ex-nun, + ex-Nader's Raider        REALPLAYER fm Realproducer 8.5 (56kbps) - about article "WHOOPS", HOW the NETWORKS GOT IT WRONG - MediaChannel
          INTERVIEW of  WALTER CRONKITE (audio) - realplayer- On TV Election Mistakes - (coming)
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- 13th State, WSBE -Ch 36 , Providence RI      
- VIDEO (real)- 2:25 min                                                           Only Guest - 30 min- RealPlayer streaming G2 File- 1994

TELEVISION RESUME TAPE Menu - Iowa Caucus Presidential Primary (My Questions- Hart,Glenn,Cranston,Ferraro; + Mondale,Reagan) + Wash DC; Memorial Day WW2/Vietnam Commentary- Minneapolis, KIFI-TV8 Reports- Jackson Hole WY, Yellowstone, + ID.; Reports fm Russia: Red Sq., St. Petersburg, Kiev - VIDEO (real) -41 min RUSSIA Rprt Audio

RUSSIAN MAFIA + CHECHEN WAR (audio)- KUOW-FM Seattle- NPR- Weekday Talk Show - Dec 94 - 20 min REALPLAYER re article CRIME STORY

TALK SHOW (aud) w liberal nat. host Meria Heller (updates) on Iraq, Bush, Terrorism, 2000 Elections + threats to the republic - APRIL 10, 03- 1hour

BARRY FARBER SHOW (audio) Jan 6, 04 - re: Howard Dean + the World, IRAQ War, My Exploits in Russia -38 min
        Only guest- 1 hour

BARRY FARBER SHOW (audio) Dec 4, 03 - On the Future of IRAQ re: STOPPING the NEXT BOSNIA 40 min-   Talk Radio Network- 35 stations (very conservative);   FARBER is a 55 year talk show legend;      Brown U. Conference on Kurds (audio) 4:03 min- Oct 1

                            »»» from  RUSSIA

OCTOBER REVOLT - Oct 3-4, 1993 - Live Taped Commentary during Communist Revolt that almost Overthrew Yeltsin - 200-500 died;    Speaker of Parliament + Vice President urged violent attack on Mayors Skyscraper + Ostankino TV Studios- Moscow, Russia- TOTAL- 33 min
              with article 24 Hours in an October Revolt
          5 min Talkshow fm Guardian offices-Sept 22
             Tape of Violent Crowd at White House (Parliament) when I was seized by crowd 9-11pm 
             Yeltsin Support March- Manezh Sq. to Theatralnia Sq- Midnight
             Attack on Ostankino TV Hdqtr- 3000 Protestors with machine guns, RPG against 25-50    Yeltsin     troops, later APC's     12am-10am
             Seige + Taking of White House by Yeltsin troops with Tanks in front of crowd of hundreds    2pm-7pm

RADIO SOUTH AFRICA (Audio) (Johannesburg,SA) - 1-3 minute Reports for several weeks fm Moscow after  Oct. Revolt
     (RealPlayer G2 Audio File)       PLUS              total both 29 minutes
KING-AM Seattle - Radio Talk Shows from Russia with Jim Althoff - March- Aug '93

YELTSIN COMMENTARY (realaudio) - March '93- (for Open Radio-AM, Moscow)  After vicious political attacks, special referendum on Yeltsin's rule and Yeltsin's mother's death- first vote on reform- 2:10 min- Moscow... The most moving period in Russia- Nobody knew if Yeltsin's reign was through, but he won resoundingly by 3:1    

PRESS CONFERENCES - Inter. Press Center- Radison Hotel Moscow -
    My Questions-
James Baker (real) on Iraq retaliation after Saddam's plot to kill Bush I, Mikhail Gorbachev, Yegor Gaidar, Gennady Burbulis, Anatoly Chubais


SARAH WEDDINGTON (realaudio) new  Winner of Roe vs. Wade case discusses Supreme Court cases and changes, historic struggle on abortion; Former Tx Congresswoman- Brown U., Salomon Hall 4:15 min- WINMEDIA March 14 BIO

CONG. CHARLIE RANGEL (audio)- 35 yr. Harlem Congressman, founder Cong. Black Caucus; Question on Republican tone deafness re. Katrina, Libby, tax cuts, and cuts for the poor- Brown U., Salomon Hall- Oct 24, 2005

Daily Kos's Markos Moulitsas Interview- (realaudio) 7 min   (winmedia)    ARTICLE
Proprietor of most popular liberal blog slams Chafee, estimates Dems chances -May 2006

JPL's Torrence Johnson on TiTAN landing (realaudio) new 4-27-06 Brown U 7:16min / LANDING MOVIES (spectacular!)    CLOUD WORLD: MISSION to TITAN article

JAMES  LILLEY (audio) Ambassador to China during Tiananmen, Taiwan, and South Korea- Questions about moral foundation of Chinese Communist Party re. wild capitalism; Remembrances of Tiananmen Sq. Massacre- Brown U. Watson Inst. Strait Talk Symposium- Nov 13, 2005

NORMAN SOLOMON (audio) Liberal Media Critic, Columnist, and founder of Institute for Public Accuracy; Question on whether media will now finally stay tough on Bush's prevarications- Salomon Hall, Brown U.- Nov 13

AVNER COHEN (aud) - Israeli historian of their nuclear program; Author- Israel and the Bomb, The Last Taboo      Question when America knew about Israeli bomb + if Israel has missile silos and IRBMs- Brown U Watson Institute- Feb 10, 05 5:50 min

PETER BERGEN (coming) - One of 3 western reporters to interview Osama, author Holy War Inc. - Sept 16, 03 URI Globalization Colloquiem

DENNIS ROSS (aud)- Ambassador + Mideast Negotiator - 1:36 min April 29, 03 Brown U. - about difference between US Camp David proposal + Arafat claims;   whether Abu Mazen will be endangered by plan to confiscate arms

GEORGE RYAN (aud)+ Larry Marshall - Repub IL Gov. who commuted death penalty for 156 inmates on death row in Jan                                            4:46 min- excerpts + question- April 15, 03 Brown U. Lecture + NW law professor that discovered innocence 

GARY HART (full audio) 5:10 min Mar 18,03- Senator, Pres. candidate and Chairman of Nat. Security Commission - Brown U lecture on US security on eve of Iraq War

RAYMOND COHEN- (aud- threat of Shiite control in Iraq 3:14) Israeli terrorism expert 4-23-03- Palestinian Peace prospects (3:36), Brown U., Watson Institute, Rabin Assasination,

JANET RENO  (aud) :55 - Clinton Attorney General speaks on risks of unlimited detention without appeal- Brown U lecture- Question on authorizing Starr to investigate Monica 3-31

STEPHEN FLYNN (aud) RADIO NEWS REPORT - author + director of  HART-RUDMAN Report on America's continued huge vulnerability to terrorism -4:52, Watson Institute, Brown U. 2/10/2003       Council on Foreign Relations Sn. Fellow - Oct 2002 Task Force inc. Gary Hart, Warren Rudman, William Webster, Warren Christopher, George Shultz, 2 Joint Chiefs;   Flynn's Senate Testimony on containers

ROBERT McNAMARA (aud)- Brown U symposium on Cuban Missile Crisis- Watson Institute 10/23/2002- Recent stunning revelation was that Soviets had 162 nuclear bombs on Cuba during the whole dustup- we came a hair from the death of tens of millions- 2:15 minutes

ROBERT REICH (aud) - Clinton Labor Sec.- Brown U. Conference A Time of Great Consequence - 1:14 min 4/3/03

Mike McCURRY Realplayer (AUDIO)- 2:40 min - Clinton Press secretary- April '99 -RI Business Convention  
 LETTER from MCCURRY about resignation -Aug 98 (met him in Moscow in '94) 

KATHRYN FULLER- (aud) President- World Wildlife Fund- 4/2/03 - On development of electric cars 1:57 min

ANDREA MITCHELL(aud)- (NBC correspondent) - Lecture Brown U. 3/30 question on whether media has started telling us what to think about Iraq War 2:54 min
                             TEXT of QUESTION
COLIN POWELL- April '00 -RI Business Convention, Providence (lost)                          

SAM DONALDSON (aud)- TOWN MEETING fm PROVIDENCE, RI on Terrorism - Nov 8, 2001   

TOM WOLFE (aud)- Brown Univ. Lecture - April 14, 02- INFO On the Cities, Temples of Museums, Power Lunches, and Ken Kesey- poor audio

(aud)- Brown Univ. Lecture - April 11, 2002 on Media reluctance to question Bush's legitimacy and competence- poor quality audio

NPR RADIO Commentary - Funny Critique of obnoxious ubiquitous musical Mitsubishi TV ads   
COMMENTARY2 - Backpack Bombs in London Coming Attractions re. Iraq Jan 31,03    

                               new     TALK of the WORLD      from KIEV  (at 33min)   on prospects of Middle East peace under Obama (TOTN) w Sharansky + Hanan Ashrawi- Nov 7,08
                                          Daniel PEARL's MURDER, Threats (AUDIO) to Reporters + my Kidnapping and Ambush in Russia- NPR's  ON POINT - Feb 22,02
                                          Operating in a war zone re Jill Caroll (aud) - NPR Talk of the NationINFO on show - Feb 6, 2006   slide to 9:28min     

                                          Wonders of Wired Magazine (audio)       NPR     On Point    July 21     Visually stunning, visionary magazine      INFO
                                           Wait for connection +  Move Realplayer slider to 44:40- 47:20                INFO on Show  

                                          DOWNING ST. MEMO noncoverage; PUTIN's problems in criticizing US - Arlene Violet WHJJ- May 10, 2005; 4 min

Stalin's death 50th anniversary (audio)     NPR   Connection  Mar 5      Greatest monster in history         Move slider to 20:26-25:00   INFO

Overthrowing the Iranian mullahs   (audio)       NPR  Talk of the Nation-Jan 22, 03       Move slider to 21:45-24:40    INFO
New Hope for Iran- article (scroll right)
Bush Tax Cuts (audio)- Arlene Violet Show 2-28-01 -predicts hundreds of billions of $ deficits- and now he wants more

State of Science Fiction- actual events imitating it (audio)       NPR   On Point  May 20. 2005    2min       re: Mission to Titan

Russian attack on Chechen Moscow theater terrorists (Audio) - NPR Talk of the Nation- Oct 28,02     Move time slider to 25:30-28:37   INFO
                                                                                                                                                                                                              article -
Season of Plagues
Criminality and Legitimacy of Russian Oligarchs (AUDIO)- NPR's  On Point - May 3          INFO          Move time slider to 22:12 -32:20: minutes
                                                                                                                                                                                                     article -
Russian Government takes Control of TV
NPR TALK of the NATION (aud)- Comments on Promiscuous Airline Security - 11/21/01 3:10pm        INFO          Move time slider to 10:10 - 12:23 minutes
                                                                                                           article -
OLYMPICS and Excess Triumphalism (aud)- NPR Connection -  Jan 31st 2002 2nd hr   INFO    Move time slider to   36:15 - 41:28                                                                                      
Dialog w Matt Brzezinski re Phillipines - Washington Post Live- Jan 2, 02 - re. his article on '95 warning of Muslim terrorist flight training  from Ramzi Yousef's 11 aircraft
                                                           bombing Phillipines' plot    half way down

MY LECTURE on RUSSIA- printed ad

WE/MUI Magazine (Hearst/Izvestia- Russian in Moscow + English in Washington) boy/girl
Radio Ad- written and recorded by me (from Open Radio-AM, Moscow)- poorly produced (too loud bad music)

George Bush/David Letterman interview- Sept 2000- RealAudio - hard questions on oil + Middle East- 4 minutes; RealProducer 8.5