of    Michael Hammerschlag

BOUNCE IT- FOR NEXT to NOTHING- (Modern Photography)- Details the building and operation of a removable bounce flash attachment, w photos (orig. in color)

LAVA PHOTO- VOLCANO NAT. PK>- Honolulu Advertiser- Sun front page

FANTASTIC VOYAGE- (Maui Time) Profile of Maui Photographer ROBERT TERREBONNE w his photos

THE CAVES OF PARADISE- (w Photos) Spectacular Blue Colors inside Ice Caves under Paradise Glacier (~7000 ft) on side of Mt. Rainier (highest snowfall on earth-128ft/season) -                                                                     Outside Magazine                                Now melted away due to global warming

4 PANELS (4P)are very large jpeg's that navigated by directional arrows or pg up/down w 4 photos on one page (some big enough to each fill screen)

LAVA ART PHOTOGRAPHS- 4P- 50 ft from Kilauea lava flows where it flows into ocean on the Big Island- Day, Twilight, Night (fm color zerox)
AUTHOR SILLOUHETTED BY SPRAYING LAVA FOUNTAINS- Night (all available below)- Lava PHOTO's all intentionally lo-res

MOUNTED, SIGNED, BLACK 8x10 1/4" PHOTOBOARD LAVA + HAWAII Photos with ARTICLE on BACK Available for $25 (delivery inc.) E-mail with phone # and address                       772-594-8228 - fax         Exhibited at 5 galleries in Hawaii  

PU-U-O-O Volcano- Actual Cone of Longest Erupting Volcano (1983-now) in Recorded History- Day, Twilight, Night w glow from lava lake- lo res (available below)

MAUNA KEA Summit - Summit of Highest mountain in Pacific with largest telescopes + astronomical complex in world in snow 13,796 ft (available below) U KIRT + KECK Telescopes

WORLD TRADE CENTER - View from Summit 1/2000 4P    More 4P        RUINS Photos 3P 12/8/2001         Ruin Stills fm Video 9P          IMAGES of 9-11 6P new - spectacular


RUSSIAN REVOLT - Moscow 10/3-4/93     5 Photos fm Ostankino TV Cent. Battle                   White House (Parliament) burning after tank shell attack (B+W)

SKYDIVING TANDEM- 4P- Seattle- Lake Sammamish tandem freefall from 8500 ft; Jumping, Landing, and Packing

QUONSET NAS AIR SHOW-4P F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Bomber, F 14 Tomcat, A-10 Warthog
                                       Blue Angels Naval Dem -4P. Team-F 18's - Cobra Attack Helicopter, Rocket Truck, F-15

JOHN McCAIN at East Greenwich Armory, RI- Feb 2000

(from video)   GARY HART 3-18-03   coming   JANET RENO 3-30-03     ROBERT MACNAMARA 10-23-02       STEPHEN FLYNN 2-10-03

TALL SHIPS in NEWPORT-4P- Sagres- Portuguese, Courageous + Newport Br    Cisne Blanco- Brazilian    Kreuzenshtern - German/Russian, HMS Rose, Providence

S. FLORIDA 4P- May 2001- Sunset on 7-Mile Bridge- Keys, Sand Castle Skyscrapers- Miami Beach, Gator eating chicken- Everglades